An Award-Winning Corporate Training Center in Singapore

Singapore is one of the emerging business leaders and so it’s corporate needs. To cater the business demands and deliver the service requests. Creativeans is a trusted name in Singapore markets. We at Creativeans, operating in markets of Singapore, Milan, and Jakarta is an award-winning interdisciplinary company. To provide exceptional services and create an efficient service is our top priority as customer satisfaction is the most desirable thing in any industry and we help the companies to achieve this desire through our experienced and focused assistance. Let’s not dive into other technical aspects creativeans offers specialized domain corporate training services that are necessary to corporate houses and employees both as they are complementary to each other.

corporate training Singapore

 Corporate Training in Singapore

This Modern age demands a dynamic working environment and companies are solely the biggest force behind this change & environment for reforming their corporate strategies and to sustain the cut-throat competition through employees’ continuous progression of the skills and knowledge.

We offer our training modules under through a multi-pronged approach through four Phase for the creative Corporate Training Programmes.

Phase 1 – Get in touch through the given inquiry form.

Phase 2 –  Scheduling an Appointment for a face-to-face meeting with our experts.

Phase 3 – Advancement of a proposal to the client containing the training structure, plan and price quotes.

Phase 4 – Signature for confirmation for the offer and instigate the training sessions.

Benefits of Being a Creativeans’ Client

 We understand better the corporate needs and that helps us to deliver the services accordingly. Our Market position can be understood by the awards and recognition we received from various prestigious bodies and organizations. Some important ones are-

  • Top Business Luminary in 2016 and 2014, Promising SME 500
  • Special Mention, 2014– Salone Satellite Award, Pod,
  • Merit Award, 2011– Furniture Design Award, Sprout,
  • Winner (Singapore), 2010– Tivoli Audio Design Challenge, Imagine,
  • 1st Prize, 2009 – Sound Innovation Competition, Mini,
  • Merit Award 2006- Express IT 2015 Competition, System Doc

We are recognized by the reputable Surface Asia Mag in pretty appreciable words that praised our national as well as international customer satisfaction induced corporate training delivery mechanism.

corporate training

There are certain qualities that set us apart from the competitors is our-

1.Promise keeping habits that make us committed towards our service delivery and deadlines.

2.A Dynamic and highly Adaptive program that evolves with changing corporate needs and matches the requirements precisely.

3.Networking Induced Program Structure: An Alumni peering like learning system where former students and experts from industry time to time come to the place of training sessions and give offer their very valuable insights of respective industries.

Our Training Team

1.Yulia Saksen

A designer, brand consultant and the director by profession. She earned a reputation as a consultant and strategist to renovate brand and business. Recipient of numerous design and business awards, she conducts lectures on creative thinking.

Creative agency Singapore

2.Giorgia Brusadin

She is Design Manager at Creativeans itself and earned her a master in visual Communication Design from Politecnico di Milano University.

3.Kimming Yap

 By profession designer, brand consultant, educator and the managing director of an interdisciplinary creative company based in Singapore. An expert in brand and design strategies, he assisted business houses and individuals in a broad range of dynamic industries. On regular basis, he mainly takes lectures on branding and design. As a panelist, he also judges contestants for Singapore Prestige Brand Awards.


Published by Creativeans Pte. Ltd.

Creativeans is one of the leading corporate branding Firms in Singapore that provide corporate training programmes for graphic designing and branding according to the needs of the customer. We have a team of expert brand consultants that specialize in designing creative packaging designs for corporate and industrial purpose.

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