What can Attractive Graphic Design Do to Your Business?

Modern-day businesses are all about grabbing the attraction of the consumers. When you are looking to attract more and more customers, you need to ensure that your customers get excited by what you are portraying. Now, graphic design is playing a major role in helping businesses to reach beyond the boundary and establish a brand reputation like nothing else. Attracting customers with attractive graphic designs has become a fairly easy job for companies. That is why you should look to work with a Graphic Design agency in Singapore and have the best graphic design works for your company. Here are some of the amazing things that can happen when you work with a good company for excellent graphic design works.


You Will Go Beyond Demographics

Every business has a certain area of demographics in which they want to attract customers. However, in this day and age, you will see that there are many companies that started their work for a certain demographic and emended up leveraging services to another. This happens because they were able to go beyond the demographics to attract consumers. Once you take the help of a good Graphic Design agency Singapore, you will also be going beyond the demographics to attract customers.

Rapid Business Growth

You do not find a single business that does not want to see exponential growth. However, your business growth will start by embracing what is new and what is excellent for your business. There are so many businesses that fail to realize the importance of graphic design for their business. However, graphic design plays a pivotal role in making sure that your business becomes relevant to the needs of this day and age. That is why you cannot ignore the role a Graphic Design agency Singapore can play for the exponential growth of your business.

Final Thoughts

Finally, ignoring what a Graphic Design agency Singapore can do, will be an act of utter ignorance which you cannot afford to do in this age of ruthless competition. Therefore, you should take the help of a graphic design company and make your business relevant to market needs.

A Guide to Choose Service Design & Branding Firm in Singapore

Service Design can be difficult to understand as compared to Product Design even if the products are intangible such as software applications or apps. This is because, no matter what, we can touch, hold, or at least see the products but service design cannot be touched but is experienced. This is why most people get confused on what exactly is service design and how it impacts organisations.


Branding firms Singapore suggest that before understanding design service in Singapore, one must apprehend what a service is. So, service is termed as the action of helping or doing work for someone. Now, service design is the planning of how that will be performed. However, the main goal of designing a service is to improve or create the complete experience of a service.

Consistent VS Unique Service Design Approach:

Let me explain both by using McDonald’s as an example, a chain of fast food restaurants that has its opening in every country from Asia to Europe and Africa to Antarctica. Consistent is the uniform approach for their products while service is the color of the designs and everything. In the past, it used to look unique but not anymore because people around the world are now more connected; hence, they want to enjoy and experience uniqueness not only in products but services as well.

This is the reason why different hotels in the world who have chains in adjacent areas are now trying to opt unique approach by designing different service approach on the basis of the interest of people belonging to different areas, to boost sales and win over competitors. However, this unique approach service design requires extra bucks of money and extra efforts.

“So, how can unique and cost-effective services be designed in a cost-effective manner that will capture more customers and lead the industry?


Service Design Methodology:

Have you ever heard about the UX design? Well, it is the user-friendly outer side of a website or app that helps the visitor/user to scroll through, with ease and not getting confused by showing big coding sets. Service design methodology is just the same; say the Branding firms Singapore. Service Designers spend time with people and survey them in order to figure out their interest and perceptions. So the method starts from:

  1. Framing:

Framing involves, determining the objectives of the project for which service design is required. You also need to configure the meters by using which success of the service design will be measured.

  1. User Insights:

Understanding what you user requires from you; hence at this points, surveys are conducted by using online platforms, questionnaires on the website, and by asking your visitors to rate something on your website.

  1. Personas:

On the basis of surveys and ratings gathered by interviewing users, personas are built in order to change the raw facts and figures into a refined form of data that states your user interest and demand.

  1. Making Hypothesis:

On the basis of the above-mentioned data, some hypothesis is created.

  1. Service Design Sample:

On the basis of the hypothesis, a sample for service design is created.

Make sure that you select the right service design and branding firms Singapore that understand your industry and objectives perfectly.

How Storytelling can Strengthen Your Brand

As a child, we are often told stories by our parents or grandparents through characters or adventures. These stories end up giving us a lesson that works as light or guide in our journey to success.

This is the reason why content marketing niche and content writers try to make a tier of words through their skills. Content stories should be written with genuineness, authenticity, acuity, and little blends of imaginations that touch the readers. They help make a personal connection with the brand, enraptured in the story. If you are looking for ways to use storytelling to strengthen your Brand, below are some tips given by top brand consultant in Singapore.


Storytelling In Content Marketing Is Not Imaginary Fairy tale:

Well, since childhood, the stories we listen were mostly invented by those with great imaginations who could create images of the nonexistent characters. Contrary to this, to strengthen your brand through storytelling, you don’t need to imagine or invent because the brand is always there. Hence, the story plot should be according to the requirements of the brand. Famous branding agency Singapore suggest that a branding story must revolve around these three key points

  1. What is the brand
  2. Why the brand is created
  3. How the brand is helpful and sincere to solve/ fulfill the problems/requirement of the audience.

Thus, starting with an introduction of the brand is a great idea. Here, you can use your imaginations and vocabulary to allure the readers. Secondly, you will have to capture the goals and vision of the brand by telling why it was creative. Here again, you need to be imaginative because the answer to this “why” must connect the reader emotionally.  Lastly, you will end up telling them the brand is helpful, productive, or provide the stuff in such a way that your reader wants to listen. Don’t even use the promotional tone, in fact, show empathy, and in an empathized way, provide the people with your brand.


Selecting the Medium to Present Your Story to the Audience:

Now that the plot of the story and whole story line is complete, it’s time for you to think about the medium in which you want to showcase yourself in front of the audience. Mediums such as,

  • Videography
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Content Writing

When surveying famous branding agency Singapore, we realized that the type of medium is actually dependent upon the type of brand you are promoting. If the message is precise and short, images and graphics will be good. If the stuff can be explained through a number of images, having some text then making a video will be good.

Lastly, if you need to explain something huger, then writing a blog would be the best option. Thus, you need to be authentic, a little emotional and must connect with the reader on a personal level to strengthen your brand.

5 Tips to Building a Brand for Start Ups

As an entrepreneur your role isn’t just confined to developing your new product or service. In the realm of startups it is equally important that your product or service meets the needs of your target audience and you are able to effectively engage potential customers. Creativeans is a Singapore brand consultant that can help you to identify the defining qualities of your business to create an effective brand strategy. Here are five important tips to building a brand for startups:

Brand Consultant Singapore

  1. Define your Brand

It is essential that you work on defining what your brand is about and what it means to your target audience. You can start by conducting an internal review to understand your strengths and weaknesses, who are your customers and what are their needs, as well as the strength and weaknesses of your key competitors. Compare them and find out what you do best that meets the needs of your customers and are different from what your competitors are doing. This exercise will help you to create a solid position for your brand and communicate a clear message to your customers.

Singapore Design Agency

  1. Consider Your Brand a Person:

Consider your brand as a real person who has personalities, values and a soul. The most successful brands are those that connect with us on a genuine and emotional level. So throw away corporate jargons and ‘standard practices’ and create your own business language and style that will appeal to your target audience. They will love you for it and stick with you like a true friend.

  1. Be Concise in what you Offer

It often happens that new entrepreneurs fail to communicate effectively with potential customers. In the process of defining your brand, formulate your brand essence using two to three words that clarifies what your business is all about and what it can offer to its customers. This creates a strong brand proposition internally and externally, and ensures your business plans and developments are always aligned to what you promise to offer.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Big brands are too big to constantly challenge themselves and change up how things work, and this can be advantageous for a startup. Be bold and disrupt the status quos in terms of how business commonly run and how your brand should look like in your industry. Offer a breath of fresh air to your customers by being different and innovative in your approach.

Singapore design Agency

  1. Be Fluid and Adaptive:

Traditional means of branding a product will fail in the digital world because you just can’t run along the same lines anymore. The digital world requires you to build your brand experience in a fluid and adaptive manner so your brand can constantly engage your customers on multiple channels and devices. This also spells opportunities for startups to reach out to customers through new and creative means, levelling the playing field with the incumbents to capture the hearts of potential customers.

If you’re looking for a brand consultant Singapore then don’t look further. At Creativeans we work with entrepreneurs to transform their startup into enduring brands.


A Singapore Design Agency with an Edge

Executing a marketing campaign or creating your company’s brand is always easier when you are guided by a professional Singapore design agency.Founded in 2012, Creativeans is an interdisciplinary design agency that offers branding, product, packaging to communication design services. Guided by our systematic approach and unique methodologies such as BrandBuilder™ and BrandIntel™, we have helped a wide variety of local SMEs develop innovative designs and establish a notable presence in Singapore and beyond. Clients we have worked with include Esplanade, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Business Federation, Robinsons, Musicians Guild of Singapore, Admira, Daiyo, and more.

Singapore Design Agency

Since our founding, we have won numerous awards and accolades, most recently the Promising SME 500, Top Business Luminary award in 2016. Our works have also been on display in museums globally, including Triennale Design Museum and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. We have also been featured in business and design publications such as Elle Decor, The Business Times, Cubes, Dwell and art4d.

Creative Design

At Creativeans, we deliver results across approach and services. We do not provide standard solutions nor settle for mediocre work; we foster true creativity in each and every piece of our work to ensure that our clients are presented with what they truly deserve. From collaborative engagements, strategic partnerships to creative incubation, we customize our engagement models to fit the requirements and constraints of our partners.

Realizing marketing outcomes

In today’s interconnected world, global brand awareness and presence is key for successful growth. Creativeans exist beyond the shores of Singapore. Our presence is also felt in Jakarta and Milan, Europe, the design nexus of the world. Our global reach allows cross-pollination of ideas and the ability for us to look for solutions in a wider, international perspective.

Product Design Singapore

On top of that, our team is professionally and intellectually committed to offering integrated, unified branding and design solutions to our clients. From idea, concept development, design, testing to implementation, each vision is carefully articulated into a unique, robust brand without losing its original intent.

As an established Singapore design agency, we are focused on creative design and a deep understanding of how marketing works to provide solutions to our clients’ business challenges. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can work together.

Enormous Benefits with Corporate Training Singapore

“Not to be thrown out of the market seeks Running with the demand of the age” because it is globally acknowledged that “Change is the only constant”. And, especially in the present age of globalization, above said terms are extensively relevant, significant and of course profitable as well. The growth, fame, gains, spread and smooth operation of a business lie upon the determination, responsive attitude, qualification, promptness, competitive market strategy and most importantly the experience of the professionals. In the present corporate world, a perfect corporate training in Singapore for the employees is extremely needed for bringing out the utmost perfection in their job. Speaking truly, an impressive training improves apex the efficiency of the workers and ultimately helps the company zip ahead progressively on the corporate path.

Corporate Training Singapore

In last few years, corporate training in Singapore for the employees in different sectors holding different posts has assumed paramount importance in today’s corporate world and the results are surprisingly vital as well. Furnishing a large and genuine identification ‘Creativeans Pte. Ltd.’ has been acknowledged widely for providing progressive and effective programs pertaining to corporate training in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta for professionals of all levels and organizations. It caters the most advanced and well researched teaching techniques and high quality study materials that assist employees learning superbly. On the next hand, it creates the innovative ways catering new thoughts and creativity into the mind through practical sessions.

Graphic design agency

Our highly qualified, certified, experienced and courteous experts are well talented to bring out the hidden potentiality within every individual and they support them to enhance their latent creativity in the best innovative mode. Moreover, being a well-established interdisciplinary creative consultancy, we support many brands to furnish their brands and services with a revolutionary significance and identity on the global platform. We liquidate our expertise in different fields, such as, Branding, Approaches, Business Innovations, Product Designs, Service Designs, Packaging Designs, Communication Designs and especially corporate training in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta.

All our details are furnished on our website and please feel to contact us at any spur of the moment (in between the working hours). And, we promisingly ensure you the finest solutions for the utmost growth and success of your services or products.


Opt the Most Splendid Graphic Design in Singapore

The extensive development of science & technology in last few years has endowed us fairly with a number of sophisticated devices, more effective techniques, extreme mechanisms and the ultimate way to grasp over the advanced studies as well as to go further with new researches. And these all have altered revolutionarily the entire traditional business strategy and concepts which seeks a global and more dynamic approach in order to furnish an organization, service or products on the worldwide platform. The emergence and development of computers and internet with its incalculable applications play a vital role today in every walk of life and affect the market and business paramount.

Graphic design agency

In the present context, Graphic Design is one of the most significant term that strictly affects the marketing strategy for all sectors.  An expertise with adequate experience and educational knowledge in this field may create wonders for the profits of a business. Graphic design is the computer programming process of visual communication and problem-solving that employs a single or more photography, illustration and typography. This field is supposed generally to be a subset of the visual communication and communication design as well. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages in a classic and more appealing way.

Graphics Design Singapore

Being an international business center, most of the companies look out in quest of opting the most splendid graphic design in Singapore as it strongly affects the business. At this point ‘Creativeans Pte. Ltd.’ secures a broad and reliable recognition by dint of its highly qualified and experienced Experts for graphic design in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. We execute each and every part of our job with extreme dedication, responsibility and promptness with a view to obtain the apex satisfaction and happiness of the customers associated with our clients. Last but not the least, we equally provide our expertise in  different fields too like, Branding, Approaches, Business Innovations, Product Designs, Service Designs, Packaging Designs, Communication Designs and particularly graphic design in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta.


A Graphic Design Agency That You Can Trust

If you are looking to start a complete marketing campaign or just looking for the unique one-off amazing design job, you are going to need for it to look professional and done by someone who really understands your business. So where do you begin?

Especially for small businesses, you would not be able to turn to an in-house design team and you cannot spend the time learning different design services as this will take you away from your business! If this is the problem you face then there is a very easy solution and that is to hire a professional graphic design agency.

Graphic design agency

At Creativeans, we understand it is hard to trust and outsource certain aspects of your business and that is why we work with you every step of the way. In fact, we believe client communication is one of the most important aspects to create great design work and that is why we pride ourselves in ensuring that the important conversations are always had.

Please read on to learn about what we can offer you and how we can help your business grow exponentially.


We ensure that our clients receive quality design work and that they are always tailored to meet your business needs. Be it executing marketing campaigns, social media strategies or graphic design development across print and digital mediums, we make sure that the execution is done with strong impact and in accordance to your business strategy rather than in isolation.

Singapore design Agency

As an international graphic design agency, we are able to provide best-in-class expertise and we are constantly up to date with global trends.


We are a graphic design agency that can help you design your business’s internal and external communications on a daily basis, and we adopt a systems-based approach in which the totality of media and messages for you are designed as a single integrated process rather than a series of discrete efforts.

We work regularly with small startups to larger businesses, and also work with family-run businesses. Therefore, we understand that every business is different and we customize our design services approach to make sure that your requirements are met.

With our expertise and experience in the increasingly disruptive world, we are a company that you can rely on to meet your business goals. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss how to help your business grow.


Choose The Best Corporate Training Expert In Singapore

The biggest resource that company has is the employees of the company and they need to upgrade time by time. Training is a function that provides routine upgrades and it is critical contributor to the organization and it is important to be serious while designing and implementing the training programmed for your company. Here is the selection process of the right corporate training Singapore provider is mentioned below:

Corporate Training Singapore

  1. Past Records– Do look at the past records of the trainer and how much clients he has in hand and what are the clients progress in their field after attending training programmed from them and how can they be beneficial for your company. And if possible do talk with their clients to know how good their training is.
  2. Industry coverage– Make sure that the vendor has tailored course for your employees. As, same application for all the industry will not work. They must be tailored with your industry and as per your work culture so that the employees can easily grab their training insights.
  3. Formats– may be they providing hybrid solutions like mix of online and offline corporate training. Does the vendor offer such flexibility? There are several pros and cons of the both for example- online corporate training can be great if you have small numbers of employees who need focused training. And offline training can be beneficial for having interaction between team members.
  4. Depth of engagement– Does the training provider only deliver the lectures or they keep engaging the employees till the last moment. Make sure you get result oriented training and have some value addition to the employee’s knowledge.corporate training
  5. Geographical presentation– Is the training provider is present in the multiple cities? Do they have small team or large team of trainers? If you are a large organization, you may want consistency across locations.
  6. Your budget– With most services, training services comes in all forms and from no frills small intervention to comprehensive programmed or leadership pipeline development. Depending on your needs and budget, you need a shortlist training provider who fit the bill cutting corner in such cricitical area is never a good idea.
  7. Culture Fit- If it fits to your culture fit, contract training programmed for long term. Corporate training providers can offer useful assistance in not just up skilling employees. The training should be able to culture fit for your company.


Best Corporate Training Program

Corporate training program is best for training your workforce for the better working capability and better vision. Corporate training program can be conducted for product design, corporate communication and in some other subjects too. Here are some tips how to select the right corporate training Singapore for your company is mentioned below:

Corporate Training Singapore

Tips for corporate training Singapore

  1. Experience– the experience speaks itself and you should choose the corporate training program that has rick experience in conducting corporate training for various companies. Their experience will have an added advantage to your employees and they will learn more from them.
  2. Reference- You should do look at the reference from the corporate training program company as who were there previous customers and what was their feedback and how much your training program helped them to learn various issues.
  3. Graphics Design Singapore
  4. Quality Assurance– You should know that how good is the quality assurance from them and how they can satisfy your corporate needs and what are their parameters to know that company employees has learned something from their training program.
  5. Existing Resources– There are certain training existence resources like licenses, template libraries and image banks to help the employees learn the best. You need to ensure that the corporate training has a large image bank and library of templates.